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August & Nicki sent their fans into a frenzy waiting on this track. Was it worth the wait?

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According to TMZ,  Mase has officially left the pulpit at the El Elyon International Church to go back to rapping full time.

If you recall, Mase, “retired” from the Hip Hop game back in 1999 to pursue a career in the ministry. He built up thousands of followers split between two different churches. One church was in Atlanta and the other in Phoenix.

Ma$e spoke often about the virtues of marriage and family values.

But that all went to the left earlier this year when it was discovered that Ma$e and his wife were divorcing. His followers felt betrayed because they had been lied to. Ma$e and his wife were trying to sell books about relationships when their own relationship was falling apart.

Many of his flock left the church in disgust while others stood by his side and didn’t abandon him when it got bad.

Well, we guess unfortunately…

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If you’re like me, your Thursday nights have been particularly bland since the hiatus of ABC’s “Scandal.” Well here’s some amazing news: the season 4 premiere is slated to air on September 25th at 9pm and includes 22 episodes!

Are you excited gladiators? I know I am. I’m ready to see where Olivia was headed on that plane with Jake.

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There was more drama on this week’s episode of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. It started off with Kirk and Rasheeda’s apology party. Kirk finally seemed sincere about his shortcomings and vowed to keep trying to make their marriage work. His apology wasn’t without gifts. He gifted her with a diamond heart necklace and a new car.
Benzino also apologized to her for being in the midst of Kirk’s antics and not trying harder to stop the madness. While there, Benzino’s messy fiancé Althea got into an argument (however unnecessary) with Karlie Redd yet again. Benzino decided to leave the party before things went all the way left.
In another realm, Joseline decided to take a break from Stevie J by visiting songstress K. Michelle in New York. The ladies laughed and also talked about Mimi’s new project: her sextape. They watched in what appeared to be pure disgust as they bad mouthed her and her man Nikko. Mimi’s friends Ariane and Erica also decided to take a peek at the tape. They were not only horrified, but ashamed and saddened for Mimi’s young daughter, Eva who will some day be questioned about her mother’s motives. Mimi’s reasoning has always stayed the same: she wants to be able to take care of her daughter financially, however the way the tape is set up it seems more professional than an amateur homemade tape. Nikko and Mimi were questioned by DJ Vlad in regards to who the cameraman man was but they both insisted that it was a tripod and handheld based movie which in my opinion is an absolute lie. Mimi should be ashamed of herself because she did it willingly not only for financial gain but also for publicity. Nikko and Mimi need to get a life seriously.

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Jay Z and Beyonce.jpgGood news for the Jay Z and Beyonce fans who couldn’t afford tickets to the “On the Run” Tour. The Carters are bringing their epic stadium concert to HBO this coming fall.


The cable network’s president Michael Lombardo announced the concert special on Thursday July 10th. Lombardo said, “This is a major musical event that belongs on HBO. It’s going to be a night to remember.”


Jay Z and Beyonce will tape the concert in Paris on the dates September 12th and 13th at the Stade de France in Paris. These are the only international dates for the tour and is significant to the couple because they say they conceived Blue Ivy in the City of Lights. Also, some of Beyonce’s latest surprise album was recorded there as well.

The 42-song concert special will be the third time HBO and Jay Z and Beyonce work together. Beyonce’s 2013 documentary…

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Drake Chris BrownPop star Rihanna placed herself in the role of R&B’s Helena of Troy when she left Chris Brown to get with his once friend turned enemy Drake. After both have loved and lost the Bajan beauty, it looks as though Breezy and Drizzy have let bygones be bygones. Chris Brown and Drake were spotted in the studio listening to new tracks.


While we aren’t sure if Drake and Chris Brown are working on a collaboration, we can tell you the photo was posted on Instagram by Kosine. Kosie is one half of the hit production duo Da Internz. Kosine captioned the photo, “Ay @ericbellinger should we give these niggaz more glow or nah? #harvestseason #KINGSONLY.”


Many were shocked to see the photo because of their long-simmering feud as well as the infamous bottle bashing brawl in NYC’s Club WiP where Breezy got cut in the face…

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Now that the temperature is rising that means my oven will be getting very little play. Seriously, it’s just too hot ladies. So what does this mean? Bring on the salads beauties! Whether I am packing a salad in a jar for lunch or tossing things up in the evening for dinner, getting my daily five becomes easy and fun in the summer.

Must Read: Think Wheat Bread & Brown Rice Are Enough? Here’s 13 Healthy Grains You May Not Be Eating, But You Should

But here’s the twist, while a salad is the obvious healthy option for meals, things can quickly become “fast food” comparable (in regard to calories and fat) when it comes to your dressing selection. So this summer I suggest we kick up the flavor and not the calories with these five delicious and healthy salad dressings. Ready, set – let’s play dress up!

Ready For…

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Whether you are thin, bigger than you would like or have short hair or long hair or aren’t satisfied with something else about yourself John Legend’s video for “You and I” compels women to celebrate all that you are. As women we all have flaws and faults that get us down from time to time, but he lets it be known that we are amazing just the way we are. Love who you are and be happy just being you because you are beautiful despite what the media or anyone else has to say.
Check out the video here:

News first broke that Real Housewives of Atlanta star Apollo Nida was ultimately sentenced to an eight year prison term for bank fraud and identity theft Tuesday (ENews.com). Inquiring minds would like to know whether the southern bell, Phaedra Parks will stand by her man during his sentence or will she decide to take her two children and hit the road? That question right now remains unanswered, but I think she will eventually walk away because tensions between the two have been high and she doesn’t want her name to continue to be tainted by the actions of her husband. What do you think should happen?

When word first broke that Reggie Bush had a new girlfriend I noticed that there was a striking resemblance to his ex Kim Kardashian. It’s apparent that he has moved on and so has Kim, but both their families look uncannily similar in appearance especially their daughters. Check out the pic below and decide for yourself.
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